Flying in style from Manchester with Singapore Airlines


It took Singapore Airlines several years to be given the rights to fly from Manchester, after previous applications to operate the route were turned down by the British Government in both 1983 and 1983. The flight started out as two weekly, versus today’s daily via Munich, services.

In 1996, the Singapore Girl appeared in a couple of episodes of Coronation Street. Character ‘ALEC GILROY’ was Manager of ‘SUNLINERS’ travel agent on Rosamund St at the time and a cut out of the Singapore Girl appeared on set and in shot in a few separate episodes.

In April 2008, Singapore Airlines was involved in a World Guinness Record attempt for the world’s longest distance curry take-away. An order was placed with a curry house in Christchurch, New Zealand and flown all the way to Manchester. The dish was a vegetable biryani as this did not required extra health certificates for its ingredients; the naan bread could not be imported though since it contained both milk and eggs. The cost of the import was around £300 and the curry had to be frozen and packed in dry ice for the 26 hour journey to Manchester but on arrival it was reheated and enjoyed by the Daily Sport newspaper’s team.

The flight’s current route via Munich launched in 2010 and since December 2015, all flights operating to/from Manchester have featured newly refitted Boeing 777-300ER aircraft featuring next generation cabins across all classes, as well as the introduction of the brand new premium economy cabin.

The aircraft operating daily services is fitted with latest suite of cabin products. Premium Economy is the newest cabin available. Offering more space, comfort and convenience, the dedicated cabin has been designed in conjunction with leading British design firm James Park Associates – No two adjacent seats share the same stitching detail and each leather seat has 38 inches of legroom, calf and foot rest and 8 inch-recline for even greater relaxation.


The upgraded aircraft have been progressively introduced and are now available every day for customers flying from Manchester to destinations, including Singapore and beyond.

More Great News For BA Travellers

British Airways have recently announced plans to streamline the way passengers will be able to book luggage onto their flights.

Previously B.A had two types of fares, ‘Hand Baggage Only’ or ‘With Checked Bag’. However, where matters got complicated was that each of those fares could be booked with three different levels of flexibility… ‘Standard’, ‘Semi-Flex’ and ‘Fully-Flex’ depending on whether you needed the ability to change your flights or not, thus giving people a total of six options.

In a recent press release the airline revealed that following customer feedback they intended to offer just three fare types going forward, each of which would have increasing flexibility depending on passengers needs… ‘Hand Baggage Only’, With Checked Bag’ and ‘Fully Flex’.

Hand Baggage Only

  • Standard hand baggage allowance (i.e. no checked baggage allowance)
  • Seating to be allocated at check-in or through paid for seat selection
  • Flight changes to be made for free (plus any cost difference in the fare of course)

With Checked Bag

  • Includes a 23kg Checked Baggage allowance plus the standard hand baggage allowance
  • Free seat selection from 48 hours prior to departure
  • Free flight changes on the day of departure, up to one hour before scheduled flight time
  • No change fees (although a fare difference may apply if the flight is changed before day of departure)


  • Fully refundable flights
  • Includes 23kg Checked Bag allowance and standard hand baggage allowance as above
  • Passengers will be able to book seats for free at the time of booking
  • Free flight changes on the day of departure, up to one hour before scheduled flight time
  • No change fees (although a fare difference may apply if the flight is changed before day of departure)

Please note that the above options are only available on short haul flights and on UK domestic routes Fully Flex will be called Business UK. Those fares also include access to British Airways lounges and Priority boarding.

Club Europe fares are unaffected.