BA Preorder Food

Pre-Order meals on Birtish Airways Midhaul Flights

Customers flying mid haul in British Airways premium cabins can now pre-order their main in-flight meal up to 24 hours before they fly from London Heathrow. The new service, already enjoyed by those travelling long haul, allows customers to select their main meal via the Manage my Booking page at within 30 days of their flight’s departure, with starters and dessert choices continuing to be taken on board. Those who choose not to take advantage of the service can continue to choose their preferences on board as usual.

This service applies to premium cabins on British Airways midhaul routes, with excpetion of Moscow. For more information, please contact JTA Travel Management on 0121 508 5544

BA meal pre-order service now available on more routes

As of 05 February 2015 British Airways extended its recently-launched meal pre-order service to be available on more routes from London Heathrow, including flights to Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Houston, Austin and San Diego.

Starting from 01 March 2014, the airline will also be launching the service on flights between London Heathrow and Atlanta, Denver, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, Toronto, Montreal and Calgary.

As the airline extends the service, BA’s First, Club World and World Traveller passengers will soon be able to pre-order their meals on a selection of 21 routes.