Icelandair announces Heathrow Terminal 2 move date

Icelandair’s passengers travelling from London Heathrow will soon be able to enjoy the wide range of facilities available at Terminal 2, as the airline moves its operations from Terminal 1 to the Queen’s Terminal on 25 March 2015.

The move will allow customers to benefit from such features as faster check-in and security, easier connections, enjoy an improved departures lounge, free wi-fi as well as a broad selection of shopping and dining options, including 33 retail brands and 17 restaurants.


Air Canada commences operations from Terminal 2

19 June 2014 marks the start of Air Canada’s operations from London Heathrow’s Terminal 2. The first Air Canada passengers to arrive at the new terminal were customers travelling on the carrier’s service from Toronto, which landed at 7:04am. The rest of the carrier’s first day at Terminal 2 included 10 other scheduled arrivals and 11 departures.

Air Canada moving to Terminal 2

Starting from 18 June 2014, Air Canada will be moving all its London services to Heathrow’s new Terminal 2, allowing passenger’s travelling to and from London to fully take advantage of the terminal’s state-of the art facilities.

As Air Canada’s move is complete, Terminal 2 will accommodate all Star Alliance airlines operating from London Heathrow.